Piarem dates


Date is a fruit rich in iron, magnesium and calcium with lots of health benefits. The nature of dates is hot and dry. Do not forget to take daily portions of dates to have healthy bones. Dates are a good substitute for natural sweeteners that help lower the blood sugar. Qaed dates are very diverse and have high quality, healthy and clean appearance.

Piarem dates

This type of date has a thin and wrinkled skin. The flesh and the skin of the date are completely stuck together, making a dark brown color. The size of these dates is medium to large and they are known as chocolate dates because of their special and delicious taste.

Piarem dates are of high-quality and first-class dates which are rich in sugars, proteins and other minerals that have high nutritional value, also known as the most expensive and high-quality dates in the world.

Features of Piarem dates

Shape: Oval, long and elongated Size: 3-5 cm Texture: Semi-dry Humidity: below 15% Taste: Sweet with sufficient amount of sugar Shelf life: At room temperature about 18 months

Separating Piarem dates

In separating Piarem dates, size, color and number of dates per kilo are of high significance.

Super Piarem: There are 110-130 dates per kilo.

Standard Piarem: 120-140 dates per kilo.

Golden Piarem: There are 145-120 dates per kilo.


Considering that dates have a soft texture and break down as a result of pressure, the packaging process and other operations are mechanized. Unquestionably, the packaging is done according to the customer’s demand and is stored in cold warehouses at 4-5 ° C until delivered to the customer.


Packages in two-row boxes: Containing 32 packages of dates with 2 * 4 * 4 arrangement. The weight of date packages ranges from 380 to 520 grams.

Packed in three-row boxes: Containing 48 packages of dates with 3 * 4 * 4 arrangement. The weight of the date packages ranges from 550 to 750 grams. In these cartons, all kinds of dates are packed in bulk.